3D Seismic Geohazard Studies (Deepwater)

C & C integrates all survey data collected with all available geological and geophysical information including maps showing significant features such as shallow geologic structures, areas of shallow gas, and both existing and abandoned wells.

3D Seismic Data In water depths greater than 200 meters, 3-D exploration seismic reflection data may be sufficient for shallow hazard assessment reporting. When previously acquired 3-D seismic data is available with sufficiently high frequency content and 100-percent coverage over the project area, shallow hazards interpretation does not require side scan sonar data.

In such case, seafloor picks for bathymetry and seafloor amplitudes are selected by C & C geoscientists using a seismic workstation. Seabed attributes are evaluated to assess the presence of potential shallow geologic hazards and deepwater benthic communities.

Horizons are mapped across the study area to provide details on the geologic, stratigraphic, and lithologic conditions. Assessments of shallow gas and shallow water flow are provided for each drill center as part of the well site clearance. A top-hole prognosis for each drill center is included for each well site.

The BOEM/BSSE requires submittal of a shallow hazards survey report to minimize the risk to human life and the environment during oil and gas exploration, development, and production in the Gulf of Mexico.



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