About Us

Thomas and Jim Chance are transforming the offshore survey industry just as their father did before them.

Thomas and Jim Chance were raised in the survey business helping their father build the largest privately-owned and most technically advanced survey company in the world. That company, John E. Chance and Associates, developed a variety of the offshore survey applications still in use today including, satellite positioning, pipeline tracking, shallow-water multibeam bathymetry, and database management.

C & C's corporate vision was derived internally with the counsel and consensus of its employees.  It is comprised of five simple principles, which guide personal interactions with  clients and one another:

  1. To be a growing company
  2. Earning clients for life
  3. Utilizing technology to our clients’ benefit
  4. Doing it right
  5. Being a great place to work!

Following in the pioneering footsteps of their father, Thomas and Jim formed C & C Technologies in 1992 and have continued the family tradition of advancing survey technology. Today, C & C employs more than 500 professionals all over the world.

C & C Technologies is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, "The Heart of Cajun Country”, and has offices strategically positioned worldwide in Houston, Seattle, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

C & C's corporate divisions include:

These operational divisions are supported by in-house departments including: Systems Development, Information Technology, Electronics Repair, Mechanical Fabrication, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), Human Resources, and Quality Assurance. Financial oversight and strategic planning are prudently managed by a Board of Directors and seasoned executive officers.
C & C Technologies Corporate Office

C & C Technologies was first to offer commercial Autonomous Underwater Vehicle survey services to the offshore industry. The company has performed more than 55,000 hours of AUV surveys for 60 different clients in 14 different countries.

C & C continues to advance AUV technology with the introduction of the C-Surveyor VI. This unique AUV incorporates an innovative new payload delivering rapid, cost-effective, and detailed inspections of pipelines, cables, and other subsea infrastructure. 

Other innovations include C-Nav GNSS, a worldwide positioning service that delivers real-time 5-centimeter horizontal accuracy, and CCGIS Map™, a free internet database viewer for preliminary pipeline routing and project planning.



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