Archaeological, Engineering and Hazard Reports (Routes)

High-resolution site characterization survey reports assess the structural integrity of the seafloor and subsurface and the impact of the proposed operations on the archaeological resources.

Survey data collected for Archaeological, Engineering, and Hazard Reports provides engineers with the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) data for design and installation of proposed infrastructure. Geophysical data from deepwater AUV and conventional shelf surveys can be incorporated in these studies. Reports include alignment sheets for marine pipeline, flowline, or umbilical routing providing detail on the bathymetry, environmental and geologic conditions, and archaeological concerns along the proposed alignment.

For Gulf of Mexico operations, BOEM / BSEE encourages operators to request a meeting to discuss their survey plan and address any concerns that may exist prior to mobilization. C & Cís Geologists, Geophysicists, and Archaeologists will assist with your evaluation of the BOEM / BSEE requirements, the design and implementation of your survey, and understanding the capabilities of your survey technology options. Our staff is available to accompany you to the BOEM / BSEE to help address any concerns that may arise during any part of this process.

All geotechnical data required for the routing is incorporated within this report and complies with the current BOEM / BSEE requirements for permitting flowlines, umbilicals, and pipelines. Permit plats, along with BOEM / BSEE GIS files, are also provided.Archaeological Engineering Hazard Assessment



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