Archaeological and Hazard Reports (Shelf Blocks)

Archaeological Geohazard ReportsC & C has developed more than 2,000 archaeological and geohazard reports.

Geohazard Reports identify zones of unstable soil conditions and must be submitted before drilling can commence on new Gulf of Mexico leases.

These reports provide an assessment of seafloor and subsurface features that may have an adverse effect on proposed well operations. 

Seafloor (surface) geologic hazards may include faults, gas vents, surface channels, furrows, sinkholes, hydrate mounds, unstable slopes, and reefs. Subsurface geologic hazards could include gas-charged sediments, faults shallow-water flow, and buried channels.

In-house resources process high-resolution seismic data with up to 96 channels with Promax software for accurate and precise Archaeological and Hazard Assessments. Geotechnical or other soil property measurements are correlated with the geophysical data to determine the horizontal continuity of the soil conditions at the site.

The survey data is additionally reviewed by a full time staff of professional marine archaeologists who develop an assessment of the prehistoric and historic archaeology for the region.

All reports comply with the BOEM/BSEE most recent guidelines regarding platform and drill site placements.



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