C-Nav Solutions

C-Nav® GNSS Dynamic Precise Point Positioning provides worldwide accuracies of 5 cm horizontally and 10 cm vertically*.

C-Nav DP Positioning ServicesC-Nav delivers reliable and consistent positional accuracy across the globe. C-Nav is immune to spatial de-correlation errors, which are symptomatic problems for traditional GNSS systems.

A choice of correction signal accuracies, in addition to a wide range of advanced hardware and software solutions, are offered. 

C-Nav's products and solutions will address almost any positioning challenge and budget. 

  • C-NavC1 sub-10 cm positioning service* for operations where high accuracy is not required such as for DP1 or DP2. 
  • C-NavC2 premier sub-5 cm positioning service* for high-performance activities such as marine surveying, precise construction support, and seismic acquisition. 
  • C-Monitor MS Windows application provides a graphical interface to view system operation and performance. C-Monitor is compliant with latest OGP/IMCA QA/QC Guidelines. 
  • C-Scape premier package supports dynamically positioned (DP) vessel operations with drill ships, dive boats, and ROV vessels. 
  • C-Navigator III provides an intuitive touch-screen controller for multiple GNSS receivers with displays for accuracy and performance parameters. It is fully compliant with the latest OGP/IMCA Guidelines for GNSS Positioning in the oil and gas industry.

    Additional Information:

  • C-Mariner is the latest in leading edge Ring Laser Gyros. C-Mariner is based on Honeywell technology and offers an up-scalable RLG from basic Heading, Pitch, Roll, and Heave measurements to a full Inertial Navigation System. With its heading accuracy of 0.05 degrees, the C-Mariner enjoys a proven track record of more than 3.5 billion operational hours.
  • C-Tides GNSS tides software application combines C-Nav's exceptional vertical accuracy with advanced ocean surface models.  C-Tides delivers a real-time Mean Sea Surface (MSS) elevation solution, along with a tool-box of post processing suites, including Harmonic Analysis and Doodson filtering. 
  • C-Nav3050 DGNSS Receiver provides 66-channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS, GLONASS, C-Nav, and other SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) signals. It also accepts external RTCM input and corrections over the Internet. A choice of data rates make the internet correction service affordable, and with Iridium delivery, reception at any Latitude is possible.
  • C-Nav7000 is a GNSS multi-choice receiver interface system that integrates and displays correction information from C-Nav's subscription service, SBAS and IALA beacons, or UHF delivered correctors.
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*At one sigma subject to GNSS satellite geometry.



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