Decommissioning & Abandonment Survey

C & C will help plan, prepare, and execute decommissioning & abandonment projects.

decommissioning and abandonment surveys

With its proprietary GIS database, CCGISmap™ Professional, C & C's survey specialists determine if any evidence of pipelines, hazards, or if other subsea infrastructure exist, that could potentially impact the decommissioning and abandonment process.

If required, detailed geophysical surveys localize or exclude the existence of such hazards and identify appropriate anchoring locations for use by construction barges, derrick barges, material barges, and other support vessels.

C&C provides positioning services to anchor dynamic positioning (DP) vessels during salvage operations. Surface navigation support will continue for the entire decommissioning fleet during removal and subsequent abandonment and reefing operations.

Charges are set below the sea floor to sever all jacket supports, and a heavy lift barge lifts the jacket from the sea floor. C&C provides positioning services to the heavy lift barge along the tow route to avoid existing infrastructure and hazards. C&C uses scanning sonar technology to show the location of previously reefed platforms and hazards. C&C monitors barge position to place the structure in the predetermined location. Additionally, C&C provides positioning services to assist in toppling the structure in place. 

C&C uses scanning sonar and C-NAV DGNSS to determine the location and orientation of the reefed structure in the rigs to reef zone. C&C provides sonar mosaic and final location plat for submitting to regulatory agencies.

Post decommissioning surveys and support include trawl boat clearance surveys, 360ş scanning sonar surveys, diver positioning, and ROV positioning are also provided.

See what’s involved in decommissioning and abandonment surveys and how C & C Technologies capabilities support these efforts. 

Decommissioning & Abandonment Support



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