Desktop Studies
C&C Technologies Desktop Studies

Desktop Studies are an extremely cost-effective risk reduction tool.

Desktop Studies provide a preliminary, yet comprehensive, analysis of the operating environment to focus  resources more accurately and efficiently. Desktop studies improve project efficiency and reduce costs by providing a clearer understanding of future challenges by identifying potential problem areas during pre-FEED and FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Desktop Studies are the compilation and analysis of pre-existing relevant data. These studies identify preliminary operating areas, develop feasible route engineering plans, and design appropriate survey programs prior to field survey mobilization. 

Relevant information contained in a desktop study can include bathymetry, regional geology, environmentally sensitive areas, shipwrecks, existing infrastructure, potential geohazards, geomorphology, metocean observations, and boundary information. Additional sources of information, including client owned field data, scientific research papers, etc., may be included in desktop studies.

C & Cs internal GIS database system "CCGIS MapTM Professional hosts an array of relevant proprietary and public domain information on geography, geology, hazards, geotechnical data, archaeological assessments, and environmentally sensitive zones. This private database is maintained and updated on a daily basis and holds information from sources including NOAA hydrographic charts, published papers, and USGS, and BOEM / BSEE databases. 

Desktop study results are delivered in the form of a comprehensive report detailing the data sources utilized, digital data, and hardcopy charts. Digital information are provided in a common geographical information system (GIS) framework that provides simplicity of data management where multiple layers can be viewed, data easily queried, and interpretation and analysis performed quickly and efficiently.



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