Diver Survey Support

Diver support including underwater positioning and tracking, with surface navigation for tendering and support vessels. Commercial Diver Survey Support

C & C provides acoustic positioning and high-resolution 360 scanning sonar services for dive support.

Scanning sonar provides a high resolution 360 degree or sector view of the subsea environment for tracking divers, which can save valuable and expensive bottom time.

The system is also used to locate, investigate, and confirm existing hazards or obstacles while providing a dynamic screen presentation of the diver and targets of interest in the undersea environment.

Acoustic positioning and other dive support services are also offered. These include survey support for pipeline depth-of-burial surveys, locating pipelines with magnetometers and probes, debris searches, and  spool piece or jumper installations.

C & C's marine construction survey team can support most any diver related Inspection Repair and Maintenance (IRM) operation.



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