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A Quantum Change in Offshore Oil and Gas Operations - Friday, February 7, 2014
Portsmouth UK, (7 February 2014), Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) Ltd launches a revolutionary oil field services unmanned surface vehicle.

ASV has announced a breakthrough in unmanned oil and gas with the introduction of C-Worker. The multi-use offshore unmanned surface vehicle has been developed to conduct subsea positioning, surveying and environmental monitoring.

C-Worker was demonstrated to members of the oil and gas and offshore surveying industries in January 2014 when ASV, alongside sister company C & C Technologies operated the vehicle in the Solent off Portsmouth, UK.  Fitted with Sonardyne Gyro USBL acoustic positioning system, the vehicle successfully executed seabed positioning and Compatt calibration as well as station keeping and following survey lines.

C-Worker leverages technology from 50 highly successful unmanned vehicles ASV has built to date.  Additional technological advancements introduced in the C-Worker include the integration of a variety of offshore payload combinations including USBL, ADCP (current meter), CTD, Multibeam Sonar, Acoustic Telemetry, and Passive Acoustic Sonar (PAM) for marine mammal detection.  Payloads can be developed by ASV or by customers who are supplied an empty payload frame and a software and power interface specification.  The C-Worker's navigation sensor suite is comprised of C-Nav DGNSS, color and light cameras, and infra-red pan tilt camera, an x-band marine radar and AIS.

ASV Managing Director Dan Hook said, "The C-Worker represents a new way of working enabling customers to operate safely in the most challenging environments, reducing the risk to personnel and saving costs".

Having completed the build and commissioning of the first C-Worker, ASV is now underway with the production of the second.  The vehicles will be operated and leased by ASV with options for bare-boat and full service solutions.


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