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C-Nav Launches Revolutionary New INS Unit - Friday, March 8, 2013
Lafayette, Louisiana, March 8, 2013 - C-Nav, the premier supplier of international GNSS Precise Point Positioning services, announces launch of its new C-Mariner suite of Ring Laser Gyro products.  T

he C-Nav C-Mariner suite of products is based on the renowned Honeywell 'Laseref' Ring Laser Gyro Inertial Navigation Sensor.  Units are fully upgradable from a basic version to full INS.  An interface unit providing power, serial communications, and web access is also included.

CM300 - Stabilized Gyrocompass:           Heading (True North), Pitch and Roll 
CM400 - AHRS:                                        Heading, Pitch, Roll, Heave
CM600 - INS:                                            Heading, Pitch, Roll, Heave, Position, Velocity

The C-Mariner has the following key features:
  • Heading accuracy of 0.05 degrees 
  • Free inertial performance <1.0 NM / hour
  • Multiple GPS/GNSS inputs
  • Automatic lever arm correction
  • Exemplary track record based on 60,000 installs in Safety of Life applications
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Accurate and dependable hardware with simple web interface to minimize crew workload and improve safety.
"We are very excited by the level of interest in the C-Mariner and the number of orders already placed for the product," said Russell Morton, C-Nav Development Manager. "The partnership between Honeywell and C-Nav has resulted in a high-performance suite of products, with a proven track record, that gives the offshore community confidence."

Honeywell's 'Laseref' is one of the world's leading INS units with over 3.6 billion operational hours to its credit.  The integration of C-Mariner's advanced capabilities with C-Nav's superior 8cm performance marks and unbeatable combination.  The integrated C-Mariner overcomes problems caused by ionospheric disturbances and obstacle masking effects making the positioning process even more robust and secure.  C-Mariner is fully compatible with all C-Nav products and over-the-air services.  


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