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C-Nav Solutions C-Tides Announced - Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Lafayette, Louisiana, May 22, 2013 - C-Nav, the premier supplier of international Precise Point Positioning services, announced the launch of its latest GNSS real-time measurement package, C-Tides.

The C-Tides suite combines the exceptional vertical accuracy of C-Nav's GNSS Precise Point Positioning service with the latest in advanced ocean and coastal tides models.

C-Tides Online features real-time filters and vessel dynamics, choice of world-wide Mean Sea Surface or regional reference frame models, and tidal prediction for mission planning. 

C-Tides Offline utilities include data smoothing and outlier rejections, harmonic analysis, Doodson X0 filter and a LAT option.

C-Nav's head of Development, Russell Morton announcing the launch commented, "It's been a privilege working with our academic partners to develop what is probably the worlds' most advanced real-time GNSS tide solution."

C-Tides is a fully supported C-Nav utility.  The results are suitable for combining with other suitably calibrated vertical components to achieve IHO SP44 Order 1 or better.

About C-Nav
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