AUV Pipeline Inspection Webinar
Pipeline Laser Bathymetry

Seeing is Believing and, watching this webcast about C & C's AUV capabilities will make a believer out you.

Advanced AUV Technology For Pipeline Inspection and GeoHazard Surveys 

Guest Speakers:

David Connell
David Connell 
Vice President - Director of Marketing
Jami Cheramie
Jami Cheramie 
Vice President - Systems Development, IT Support and Special Projects

What You Will Learn: 

C & C Technologies has enhanced its AUV technology to address the needs for pipeline inspection. C & C has made inspection-class upgrades to its C-Surveyor™ line of AUVs to include a new multibeam system, a laser bathymetry system, and a magnetometer. C & C has currently upgraded two of its four AUVs, with a third to be completed by Summer 2015. Inspection surveys, currently performed by an ROV at ˝ knot per hour in deepwater, are now accomplished at AUV speeds of 3.5-to-4 knots.

The fidelity of the C-Surveyor laser system data support a "Top-of-Pipe" picking, spanning analysis, and out-of-straightness measurements at AUV survey speed, ensures that IRM surveys will be completed economically, and also exceeds the demanding needs of the IRM engineer. The laser is accompanied by a high-resolution digital camera allowing the AUV to fly between 6-to-8 meters above the sea floor, acquiring geo-referenced images at a rep rate to support full photo mosaicing of infrastructure and hazards along the full survey route.

With high-resolution images, a laser-producing 1,400 soundings per profile and collecting 29 profiles per second, the C-Surveyor AUV line is now the fastest and most accurate pipeline inspection tool in the industry.

Who Should Attend: 

  • Pipeline Engineers & Managers 
  • IRM Engineers & Managers 
  • Geophysicists & Geologists 
  • Construction / Commissioning Engineers & Managers 
  • Archaeologists 




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