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Pipeline 4D: a new standard in pipeline life-cycle survey management.Pipeline Survey AUV

C & C has the specialized experience, tools, and techniques to meet or exceed your pipeline survey and inspection requirements in both shallow water and deep water.

From your pipeline’s Front End Engineering and Development (FEED) through its decommissioning, C & C delivers timely and relevant survey data for well-informed decision making.

C & C’s newest and unique AUV, the C-Surveyor VI, renders other AUVs obsolete with innovative sensing technologies for deep water pipeline inspection and survey applications.

In addition to C & C's standard AUV sensor suite comprising a side scan sonar, multibeam echosounder, and sub-bottom profiler, C-Surveyor VI is integrated with a 3-D bathymetric laser, a camera photo mosaic system, a hydrocarbon detector, and a magnetometer.

C-Surveyor VI delivers unmatched remote sensing capabilities, including three-dimensional "point cloud” renderings of pipelines and subsea infrastructure at five-millimeter resolution, along with geo-referenced photomosaics and magnetic measurements.

Pipeline 4D provides comprehensive pipeline life-cycle survey management and comprises the following four survey phases:

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Pipeline 4D Constituents:

  • Route Clearance Surveys - This survey is performed during the pre-FEED or FEED stage of Field Development to determine the best pipeline route. Data from this survey is used to write the Scope of Work for the Pipeline Installation Contract. Standard sensors employed include multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonar, and subbottom profiler.
  • Pre-lay Surveys - This survey is usually completed 30-to-60 days prior to pipe laying activities. Performed subsequent to the Route Clearance survey, which may have been completed as much as one year earlier, the Pre-lay Survey ensures that no new hazards or obstructions exist. Hazards could include newly constructed pipelines, sunken vessels, and geologic incidents such a mudslides or slumping. Geotechnical sampling and analysis are routinely performed during the Pre-lay Survey process.
  • As-built Surveys – As-built Surveys verify that the pipeline was laid along the correct route. These surveys also confirm the pipeline to be in good condition with the weight-coating intact, the buoyancy modules in place, and no evidence of buckling. Traditionally performed with ROV systems, As-built Surveys are now most cost-effectively accomplished with C & C’s C-Surveyor VI AUV.
  • Pipeline Inspection Surveys Deep water pipelines should be inspected periodically for evidence of damage, defects, free-spanning, cathode erosion, leaks, and movement. The most cost effective tool available today for detailed pipeline inspections is the C-Surveyor VI AUV. The C-Surveyor VI acquires engineering quality 3-D bathymetric laser data with 5-millimeter accuracy and resolution. It also provides high-resolution photo mosaics with rapid view, zoom, and search capabilities.

C & C's advanced AUV technology eliminates the need for expensive ROV pipeline inspection surveys.

Contact C & C to discuss how Pipeline 4D documents the survey data life-cycle management of pipelines and peripheral seafloor assets.

C-Surveyor VI Inspection Class AUV



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