Prehistoric Marine Archaeology Assessments (Shelf Blocks)

C & Cís geologists, geophysicists, and marine archaeologists specialize in developing Prehistoric Marine Archaeological Assessments.

Prehistoric Marine Archaelogical Assesments

Most prehistoric habitation sites found on the continental shelf are covered with marine sediments.

The analysis of subbottom profiler data, in conjunction with side scan sonar and magnetometer data, may reveal buried channel systems as favorable human occupation sites. 

C & C's professional staff provides comprehensive assessments and reports on prehistoric marine archaeology. These reports are required by BOEM / BSEE for all new Gulf of Mexico leases located north of the designated "prehistoric potential line for archaeological resourcesĒ.

The designated limit of the prehistoric potential line, which requires archaeological assessments, is generally defined as all water depths of less than 200 feet. This bathymetric contour is considered the estimated seaward extent of human occupation on the current continental shelf.



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