Rig Positioning

C & C's Marine Construction Survey Division supports your every rig move. 

rig positioning

C & C's Marine Construction Survey Division team has decades of experience in rig positioning operations including jack-ups, anchor rigs, dynamically positioned rigs, submersibles, and semi-submersible rigs. C & C also provides route planning and navigation support to reposition Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs).

Relying on proprietary data from C & C’s CCGISmap™ Professional database, our rig positioning survey team will help establish the safest and most appropriate route to the rig’s new location. With the latest technologies and techniques, C & C provides field navigation along the track for both the rig and tow vessels.

For projects that involve multiple vessel positioning such as a semi-submersible with anchor handling vessels, C & C employs the proprietary "All-in-View” software system for complex rig positioning operations. 

All-in-View is a well-proven graphic navigation package that incorporates DGPS units, gyrocompasses, and a network of radio communication links stationed on the rig and each handling vessel. All-in-View allows each user involved in a rig positioning operation to track their own position along with the positions of the other users. It provides engineers with accurate and timely information to make well-informed decisions.

Each finalized well location is verified and the results are presented in a formal survey report including the methodologies used, the measurements acquired, calculated minus observed observations, the final conclusions, a graphic representation of the results, a certified plat of the well, and a final anchor location layout.

Available 24-hours-per-day, C & C will help plan, prepare, and perform your upcoming rig move or positioning operation.



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