AUV Survey Services

  • C-Surveyor™ VI Pipeline Inspection Survey
    C & C Technologies, introduces the first complete pipeline inspection AUV C-Surveyor™ VI, utilizing a proprietary camera system & laser with an upgraded Multibeam.
  • C-Surveyor™ Multibeam Survey Services
    C & C’s C-Surveyor™ AUV’s multibeam bathymetry system saturates the seafloor with numerous beams to produce a grid of soundings detailing the bottom topography.
  • C-Surveyor™ Proprietary Camera System
    The C-Surveyor™ proprietary camera system takes flash illuminated black and photographs of the seabed. The camera takes images at fixed intervals and each photographs a resolution of 1360 by 1024 pixels with 30% overlap to support high-resolution seafloor mosaics.
  • C-Surveyor™ VI Laser Survey
    The 4500m rated Laser Micro Bathymetry System on C-Surveyor™ VI provides high detail span measurements.
  • C-Surveyor Combined Sensor Surveys
    View the C-Surveyor AUV perform Multibeam Bathymetry, Camera, and Laser Surveys simultaneously to save time and money.

Marine Construction Survey Services

  • Touchdown Monitoring Services
  • C & C provides vessel positioning services during deepwater pipe installation, as well as surface and subsurface positioning support for the ROV vessel to support activities during the touchdown monitoring process.
  • Underwater Metrology Services
  • C & C provides positioning to collect pre-fabrication measurements for subsea infrastructure. Positioning is also provided for the installation of the infrastructure after the fabrication process is complete.
  • Decommissioning & Abandonment Services
  • C & C provides positioning to Anchor, DP, and Heavy Lift vessels during salvage operations. From the start of decommissioning, to navigation along the tow route to avoid existing infrastructure, to the final touchdown location C & C can provide positioning support along the way. Using scanning sonar to properly lay the decommissioned structure on the seafloor.



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