AUV Survey Services Videos

AUV Survey Services

  • C-Surveyor™ VI Pipeline Inspection Survey »
    C & C Technologies, introduces the first complete pipeline inspection AUV C-Surveyor™ VI, utilizing a proprietary camera system & laser with an upgraded Multibeam.

  • C-Surveyor™ Multibeam Survey Services »
    C & C’s C-Surveyor™ AUV’s multibeam bathymetry system saturates the seafloor with numerous beams to produce a grid of soundings detailing the bottom topography.

  • C-Surveyor™ Proprietary Camera System »
    The C-Surveyor™ proprietary camera system takes flash illuminated black and photographs of the seabed. The camera takes images at fixed intervals and each photographs a resolution of 1360 by 1024 pixels with 30% overlap to support high-resolution seafloor mosaics.

  • C-Surveyor™ VI Laser Survey »
    The 4500m rated Laser Micro Bathymetry System on C-Surveyor™ VI provides high detail span measurements.



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